Samples I tried during my short trip to Sydney. 

Hey everyone. How are we all doing? I hope all is well. I just got back from Sydney recently as I hvnt been back to Sydney since i moved to melbourne. It has been a while. The weather is very different, melbourne is very dry whereas Sydney is relatively more humid. I like to travel light because I don’t know what I will end up buying. 

So, I have decided to try some samples while I was away so I don’t have to bring all my skincare with me. That will weigh a lot. 😱 

I only brought along jurlique’s samples and the others were given to me by SA while I was shopping in Sydney.  

 Their gel lotion is very light, perfect for spring/summer. Cooling effect? Can’t feel it. However, it is very moisturising, woke up the next day with hydrated skin. Didn’t mind that it is not cooling.  

 This serum is very light and easy to absorbed as well. Once again, perfect for spring/summer. 

I think I have not been using jurlique’s skincare for a while now and I have lost track of their new products. 

Anyway. Happy to be back in melbourne. 

Thanks for reading. 



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