Playing Tags

Hello everyone, how are we? Such a luxury to have saturday off, it has not been a productive day for me but whatever, life still goes on, =)

I am going to play tag today. I want to thank Hari for nominating me in this tag. (PS: I love playing tags). Please check his wonderful blog out<a href="http://Hari” target=”_blank”>

1) Thank the person who nominated you and include a link of their blog
2) List the rules
3) List 7 facts about yourself
4) Nominate 5 bloggers (I slightly change the rules)

Fact 1: I am a perfectionist, this may drive some of my friends nut but oh well, you either love me or hate me, LOL.

Fact 2: I had a nursing degree, diploma under my belt, graduated from Flinders University, Adelaide and currently working in coronary care unit while doing my masters in nursing.

Fact 3: I have combination skin and only started to look after my skin seriously at the age of 20/21. However, I first started using skincare at the age of 12.

Fact 4: I started my beauty/lifestyle blog last year because I am obsessed with skincare and make up. I started blogging earlier about my life but i decided to stop it and do some beauty/lifestyle blogging instead.

Fact 5: I am really tempted to do some studies to become a make up artist, hopefully that will happen in the next few years.

Fact 6: Call me bipolar, because sometimes I enjoy city life, e.g., shopping, dressing up, pampering; at times, I enjoy taking a long walk down the beach bare face. I think I need a break from life sometimes and I really do time I spent alone.

Fact 7: One strange fact about me: I cannot stand oiliness on my hands, except for face oil. I will wash hands a zillion times when that happens and I will never use my hands to eat because my hands will get oily.

Please do not feel obliged to play this tag but I would really appreciate your time spent to do this tag.

I nominate the following 5 bloggers:
Hana of Bold Expression. I know her since university and she is a dear friend of mine, She has inspired me in a lot of ways and yes, she has given me great advice re blogging.

Lilian of Beauty is Flirty! What you think? She is one of the first few instagrammer that I met and become good friends with, she is one of the first few people who encourage me to start a beauty blog and has given me great advices too, cannot have come so far without you Lil, thanks heaps! =)

Supa Life of a Shopaholic, I recently followed her and I love her blog, she updates her blog on a regular basis which is great.

Kelly of Kelly Heart, she is a young girl with an awesome blog, she will be a star one day. I love her Korean product reviews, short and sweet, straight to the point with her own honest opinion.

Herl of The Shutter Ink Diary, beautifully reviewed make ups, I love to see the make up she tries on and her review is amazing as well.

Thanks for reading, =)


4 thoughts on “Playing Tags

  1. Same. Sometimes I get tired of living in a busy city. I always take a break from everything like going to provinces but not too long though. Btw congrats on the nomination! 🙂 ❤️

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