My La Mer Story

Hey everyone. How are we all doing? I hope all is well. I want to share my la mer story with all of you. To start off with, I was again sceptical towards La Mer because of its price tag. However, I told myself I am going to start using it when I am 27, but I started using La Mer earlier. 

I learnt about their products from Raeview and a few youtubers. Lilian, my blogger friend started using them last year and told me about her experience, I was too happy with SKII that time and didn’t want to accept any new products. (I do get to a stage where I am immune to any other products). I recently started using their gel cream and the results are amazing. The selling point for La Mer is that their products contain miracle broth which have to ability to heal and repair skin, can be used on acne scares. 

The moisturising gel cream is super light weight, a little goes a long way and I am surprised how hydrating it gets even though it’s gel. Perfect for younger skin/hot/humid weather. Since it is spring/summer in Australia, I reckon it is a good time to use it before winter comes and that I need something more heavy.

In terms of healing properties, I don’t know why I get these strange breakout of mini pimples when the weather changes from cold to hot. The breakout is huge, normally ony forehead. I use FTE in the past to calm it down but after discovering the gel cream, it acts faster to get my skin back to pre-breakout which I am super happy and excited about. 

I won’t go into detail about the packaging because it is easily found in YouTube, comes with a spatula and a green box, glass container for the cream. 

Retailed for $225 in David Jones, 30mls. 

I started using the treatment lotion before the gel cream. It’s consistency is thick, it enhances the absorption of serum and cream you put on afterwards. Retailed for $145 for 150mls, once again, David jones.

A special techniques has to be used in order to apply La Mer’s product, I was taught to warm the products with my fingers and press onto the skin. This technique is unique strictly their products has to be prepared this way in order to enhances its function. 

The next product I am going to get from la mer will be their famous the concentrate serum, their eye cream and the latest renewal oil. Stay tune 

Thanks for reading.


10 thoughts on “My La Mer Story

    1. I am still exploring La Mer as we speak but since winter is just around the corner and if your main concern is dehydration, I would recommend creme de La Mer as it has miracle broth in it where as I hvnt tried SKII RNA personally so I have no idea how will it work, but it does have collagen in it. I guess you will have to decide what you want to achieve in those cold winter days to come. Hope that help Annie. =)

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