Product Review: My Beauty Diary’s Royal Pearl Mask

Hey everyone, how are we all doing? I hope all is well.
I want to review a product I bought from Taiwan and it’s The Beauty Diary’s Royal Pearl Mask. 我的美丽日记,皇室珍珠面膜. Facial sheet mask has become a part of skincare routine in a lot of Taiwanese girls where they actually use it everyday. My beauty Diary is one of the famous, affordable, effective sheet mask with high CP value. They can be purchased easily in stores like Watson’s and online. I normally buy mine from as they have pretty good deals most of the time, but the down side to it is they usually do not have the last version. I bought several boxes in Taiwan instead.

I am a long term user of My Beauty Diary mask sheets. I personally have tried most of their masks.

 Skin type: For all skin type, suitable for damaged skin, uneven skin tone.
Usage: Brightens, nourishes, rejuvenates, hydrates, calms
Thoughts and comments: My face feels fuller and supple, cannot comment on the brightening effects as I believe long term and regular use will show the brightening effect but not with just one application.
Fitting: Fits well like your second skin and I have to say their technologies has improved as well in that regards.
Overall: Happy with the product as it does what it says. 

 I did notice that the opening has changed from the top to the bottom which I find it a bit hard to adapt because I am so used to opening sheet masks from the top, anyway. I am pretty happy with the product.


15 thoughts on “Product Review: My Beauty Diary’s Royal Pearl Mask

      1. I went there with no luggage at all and came back with 23 kg, mostly face masks. LOL, oh dear, 3 girls went travelling so yea you can guess what we have bought. LOL

      2. You can try to plan ahead and make it work, i planned mine kinda last minute, my other 2 gfs were too stressed at work and they need a holiday hence 3 of us went together, =)

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