September 2015 Empties

Hello everyone, I hope all is well. I am going to share my September empties with you all, I have 7 products in total. I will give a brief review on each product. Here we go.

Sukin’s Facial Moisturiser for sensitive skin. I am a fan of Skin for a long while due to its natural ingredients, no harsh chemicals and I use them to calm my skin. This is a very good moisturiser as it does not ‘sting’ on dry, cracked skin, yes, we need this for the harsh winter weather. At times, I use it as body lotion as well.
Retailed for $9.99 for 125mls.

Skin’s Purifying Shampoo is next. I have sensitive scalp, thin and fine hair, most shampoos cause me grief so I am extra careful with choosing shampoos. I came across Skin a few years back and I am never turning back. Do take note that you may have to use a tiny bit more than the usual amount because it does not contains chemicals, including soap agent and may not give you that squeaky clean feeling that some people desire.
Retailed for $19.99 for 1L.

Albion’s Skin conditioner. I have been raving about it in the past posts. I personally used to prefer this than SKII’s Facial treatment clear Lotion, however, I think I have changed my mind after this winter. It stings at times when I am using it. Tip: be sure that your skin in not in a dehydrated state before use. I personally will use it during spring/summer and stay away from it during winter. It is still a good product nonetheless, it’s just my skin getting more and more sensitive.
I got a friend to buy it for me from Japan. Forgot the price, sorry.

Estee Lauder’s Advanced Night Repair (ANR). The main reason I bought this is to try and see if it suits my skin. I find it hard to absorb on my skin, even after exfoliating, using an ultrasonic facial tool, manually massage it onto my face. I did break out when I first use it. The only effect I see is more hydrated skin, maybe this product is too rich for me, I am not sure. I combined this with their micro essence and the result is still the same, only more hydrated skin.
Retailed for $140 for 50 mls. 

 SKII’s Cellumination aura essence. I have use all their serums except for their LXP range. If you want to achieve everything in a bottle, this is the product for you. I can see that my skin is more radiant, hydrated after use and I love waking up to good skin in the morning, I normally use 2 pumps, then another pump of stem power essence before my moisturiser. Yet to try the RNA. My current holy grail serum. A few of my friends have given me positive feedback about this particular product. Get absorbed more easily, not greasy at all after application.
Retailed for $300 for 50G. 

 SKII’s Facial treatment clear lotion, did not really like it at first, but after comparing with Albion’s skin conditioner and their performances during winter/summer, I think this product is a must have during winter. I have a full size but just have not started using it as I Want to clear out my travel size goods.

Jurlique’s citrus handcream, needs no introduction, yet another tube of hand cream finished. I have tried so many brands and I personally still prefer jurlique’s.
Retailed for $29 for 40 mls.

*Currency=>Australian Dollar*

Thanks for reading, have a great week ahead.


7 thoughts on “September 2015 Empties

    1. Yes, I remembered you talking about that some time ago, it is wonderful. this is actually my 2nd 50mls and I have another bottle in my skincare cupboard. If you are looking for an all rounder, this is the product for you. I personally think that it hydrates, brightens and definitely adds radiance to my skin. The result is obvious. =)

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