Feeding my skin and hair with nutrients

Hey all, how are we doing? It is indeed a luxury to have 3 consecutive days off, however, I am quite busy with things that are happening in life in general, studying on my days off and such. Anyhow, life continues. I want to share what I normally do on a weekly basis on my days off to pamper my skin.

  I will try to wake up early on my days off and try not to sleep in unless I am very tired. I then have breakfast, normally something different from what I have when I am at work. Plan the day ahead if I hvnt done so. I will then start studying.

I will take pictures for my instagram, update my blog on my breaks which I really enjoy. I will then exfoliate my face with Dior’s gentle Exfoliant. This is a great product, I find that it does not irritate and dry my skin as it get more and more sensitive.

I will then apply a sheet mask, today’s choice is Leader’s wrinkle filler. Leader’s is one of Korean’s top brands for making masks. The one thing I like about their masks is they fit perfectly onto the skin. It is also filled with thick serums. Results are amazing, I can feel that my skin is hydrated afterwards, I cannot tell if it does help with wrinkles as I don’t have wrinkles personally. 

 Next on, Lush’s Roots. I have been using this product for the last year or so and it is just amazing. It gives volume to my hair and i find that my hair is actually thicker. I have fine and thin hair since young and it has been troubling me a lot. I normally leave it on for 15 minutes then wash it off in the shower. 

I will then put on essential’s hair mask. Very moisturising and smells nice. I normally use it once to twice a week as my hair is getting longer, especially on the roots area.

I will then exfoliate with the body shop’s mango exfoliant. One special thing about it is does not dry my skin, my skin feels so soft and supple after exfoliating.

Loccaitane’s shower oil is next, this is a recent purchase and I could not get use to the smell at first, but it works wonder every time I use it.

I then move on with life and continue what’s left before preparing dinner and such. =)

Thanks for reading.

Will update you guys on make up soon, =)


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