Hey everyone, I am back again. I want to share the stories behind some pictures I have taken this weekend. I am so pleased to have the weekend off, and for 2 consecutive weeks in my job, I have struck lotto. 

I did a bit of reading on Saturday morning before heading off to an appointment, I then had sushi for lunch and went to the city for a walk and catch up with a friend I hvnt seen since both of us left Adelaide. PS:I graduated from Adelaide.   

This picture was taken while waiting for the Mr to try on his nudie jeans. The weather was a bit gloomy but I could not conplain because it was not cold. 

Green tea soft serve? Yes please. I am obsessed with anything that’s green tea flavoured.

I then shopped and strolled around, wanted to ask about Tom Ford’s fall collection but didn’t manage too because they were busy. Oh well. I then met my friend at this Korean fried chicken place. We ordered sweet chilli fried chicken and it was amazing!  
 I then spent some time with bailey. He has grown a lot too.  
Do what makes you happy. 

Wake up feeling determined and go to bed with satisfaction! 

Have a great week ahead.


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