Skincare products that I have bought in Taiwan. Part 1

Hey everyone, how are we all doing. As promised, I am back for more posts. This post was requested by Harivain, a beauty blogger from Malaysia. 🌹 thank you Harivain for the idea. I have to do divide this topic into a few parts because I have bought so much skincare products from Taiwan. In a nutshell, I bought 14 boxes of masks, etc etc. I boarded with no luggages and came back with 22kg. 🙊

This is part of the products that came back with me.

Ok. No wonder my luggages was 22, but, I feel a lot more better when another guy friend said he bought 20 boxes of masks. P/S: I don’t think I am that bad and I don’t think I have any problems with shopping.

SKII that I have bought. It was a shame that I bought 3 bottles of mid night miracle essence from Taiwan thinking that Australia has not launched it, it Definetely was not launched when I went to Taiwan. Anyway, I am glad that I got the CC cream which was not available in Australia. ✔️

Ok, let’s start. I want to start with a few products today, mostly masks as Taiwan is famous for its technology and demand on masks. Masks are easily available in shops like watson’s etc. that is where I bought all my masks.


The top one is for radiance, middle one is for whitening, and the last one is for nourishment and hydration. I personally hvnt tried them on. I like them because 1) comes in a pack where you can seal it after use aka environmental friendly. ✔️ 2) a pack comes with 7 pieces of masks ✔️ Kose cosmeport is famous for its products and this particular products has been recommended in beauty shows.


Secondly, guang yuan liang’s cucumber water is famous and budget friendly, famous for its hydration properties.


Thirdly, yuan’s essential oil. This oil contains lavender, citrus, geranium, bergamot, vetiver root oil. I am a strong believer when it comes to essential oil and I personally think it is more important to use good quality ones. This particular oil relaxes, improves sleep quality. I bought some for my brother as per his request. Awaiting to hear from him.


Next on, Taiwanese made masks. My beauty diary, marukp and Dr. Morita’s. Affordable, does the job, highly recommended by a few Beauty shows and a few friends thus I am buying it. I shall review them one by one in the near future.


Thanks for reading. Have a great Friday guys. Request of posts are most welcomed.


4 thoughts on “Skincare products that I have bought in Taiwan. Part 1

  1. I get a mention!!! Yeay!!! Thanks so much! By the way, do write about the essential oil and perhaps if it can be found here in Malaysia or perhaps an alternative. I need a relaxing scent for myself too since I tend to have anxiety attacks sometimes. I usually can get it under control but it would be nice to have something that can help…

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