Skinfood rice wash off mask review

Hi all, how are we all doing? I hope everyone is doing well. I just finished nights, so my skin needs to go to ICU for close monitoring and inotropes. Lol. I think from now onwards, I will incorporate my work with skincare and blog about it and see how the outcome is.

Ok, back to skinfood, it was founded in 1957. “You are what you eat” is very true, so I am feeding my skin with good food.

The price for their products are budget friendly. Packaging wise it is environmental friendly as well, considering that it did not come in extra paper packaging. The packaging is not fancy at all, minimalist is the best as I’d rather they spend money on their products rather than packaging/marketing.

Let’s have a look at the packaging. Comes in a plastic tub.


It is about the size of my palm.


It contains a plastic lid in between, which is awesome, for infection control purposes.


This is how it looks like inside, whitish colour.


I didn’t like the feeling of it at first when I applied it on my face due to it’s rice component. I was like, why is there literally rice in that tub, it just looks strange. I am also thinking, is this an exfoliator? No, because I read the package twice, wash off mask, not exfoliator. However, I do feel that my skin is hydrated after use and I massage my face gently as well while I was washing it off.


I then continue with my SKII routine after that.

Thanks for reading.


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