My skincare journey with SKII

Hey all, how are we all doing? I hope we are all doing great. Some may know that I have been using SKII for years now and I highly recommend this brand to a lot of my friends, a lot of them were sceptical at first mainly due to their price tag, but, most of them fall in love with it after using their products.

I recently done a magic ring skin analysis at the counter and the results were amazing. Please note that the yellow lines were the results from my last test in April I think, whereas the white ones is the current result.


Skin age, 19! Woohoo, I am 26 YO in fact.


I have to be honest here, I have stopped some of the SKII products I have used in the last because I was trying out other products, but, lately, I started going back to them again.

I will now share my routine with you all. I double cleanse. After removing my make up with Sulwhasoo’s cleansing oil, I will use their cleanser, or body shop’s, depending on my skin condition. What I like about their cleanser is they are not drying at all.

Why am I not using their clear lotion after cleansing? Because I am using Albion’s skin conditioner currently and loving it.

Next on, the facial treatment essence, this product is amazing! I personally love it to pieces. I use a generous amount of the essence and pat it on my face. During the day, I may set my make up with the mid day miracle essence, if not, I will put it in my bag and carry it around with me and spray as needed. I call this the SOS team. Mid night miracle essence for when I work late. The skin rebooster is a quick mask I use when I am in the shower to boost hydration when I don’t have time for a proper mask.

I call them the 3 musketeers. The serum trio! I am currently using cellumination aura to enchance radiance and stempower essence for anti aging and hydration. Please do note that the new RNA serum is going to be released in Australia! 👏👏👏👏 cannot wait. I love serum and I will spend the most on serum and eye cream. My skin has improved a lot since I started the cellumination aura. 2 pumps day and night and expect to see the deference.

Creams!!! I use stempower eye cream around the eye area because I need something richer than the facial treatment eye. Their LXP range is next.
As for moisturisers for the face, I am loving the stempower cream. Easily absorbed and it does not leave that sticky feeling afterwards, and I just love waking up to beautiful, hydrated skin. I apply a generous amount and gently massage it on my face. Please also note that the new RNA cream is going to be released in Australia. ❤️


The Intensive SOS group. I call them the inotropes when all else fails/I just need that extra support(thinking of mechanical ventilation/bypass machine/intra aortic balloon pump now), anyway, products to get rid of my freckles!

The ampoules are best to use with the whitening spot specialist, and of course with their FTE. I was adviced to only do it a few times in a year. 28 days is a course. Apply it all over your face, because you want to get rid of visible and invisible spots.

Next on, their CC cream, not launched in Australia yet, but I got it in Taiwan. I hvnt used it yet but a have heard a lot of good reviews. Happy!

Last but not least, I am glad that I invested on my skin in my early 20s. I am not saying that my skin is in it’s best condition now, but without the effort I have put in, I believe that my skin will be even worse.

Thanks for reading. What is your favourite products from SKII or what is your favourite skincare line?



2 thoughts on “My skincare journey with SKII

  1. I’m also an avid fan of SK II. I’m using their facial treatment line for years. I have the facial wash, clear lotion and essence. They are too pricey but worth it! And the product lasts for months! ☺

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