Unboxing chanel jumbo flap

Hey all, how are we doing? Life has been pretty busy these few days with assignment due, the usual shift work and the arrival of my fiancé’s parents, spending some time with them and their friends. It has been a great time. Long story short, I want to do a blog post on Unboxing chanel jumbo flap. Are we all excited? 👏✔️🌹😍👜❤️

The amazing journey started at the local chanel store, the fashion advisor was extremely friendly and honest when it comes to choosing a bag. His help was greatly appreciated. We were very lucky because one of each bags from the classic permanent line just arrived on that day itself.

The beautiful packaging of chanel. Black and white makes us all happy.

Dust bag folded in half. I have to say the dust bag has good quality. P/S. I didn’t get one the other time. 💔

This is how the dust bag looks like.

After removing it, a more beautiful black paper is there, with a pretty chanel sticker on it.

Taking a closer look.

Once again, a beautiful dust bag.

Paperwork. 🙂

And there we go. Caviar jumbo flap with silver hardware.

Thanks for reading. More posts on skincare to follow.


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