Obsessive planner

Hey everyone, how are we all doing? I am back today to share a post about planning. I once heard, those who fails to plan plans to fail, not too sure about that but I find that my work life is a lot more balanced since I started planning. 🙊

Being a person who does shift work, doing post graduate course at the same time is not easy. I have minimal time to socialise meaning I have to give this party a miss, that catch up session a miss due to my busy schedule and shift work.

So, I started planning. I plan weekly, daily and most importantly, yearly. I know what I want to Achieve daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

There we go. I have a planner, a big one, I used to use kikki.k’s planner but soon got bored after using it for 4 years in a row. I am currently using a plain one.

I write in what my shifts are for the week, due dates and such for uni, to do list. That ranges from cleaning the house, exfoliate my skin, meal preparation, laundry, grocery shopping…… I normally plan ahead and get things done one week the due date because I cannot work under pressure. I may have to spend more time than others but I think it is worth it.

This is how my planner looks like.


I will draw boxes in front of the to do list and tick them off when it’s done. It gives me the sense of accomplishment.

I wake up everyday knowing what to do today and that just makes me happier because I am not wasting any time.

I make time for my Instagram posts and blog posts as well✔️

Thanks for reading. Do you plan ahead? If so, how?


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