Pitera at home and in the pocket.

Hi, how are we all doing? I hope we are all well. I am so excited as I am having 3 days off as of today and it will get very busy next week and such.

I want to share with you all my holy grail aka all time favourite. My skin gets crazy and sensitive as I age. (Just turned 26) 🙊 the cold wind in melbourne does not help and the harsh weather plus heating/air conditioning does not help either. I get dry skin during winter and combination skin in summer. I do not really like to change my skincare products every season as I like to finish up a product and move on.

I have been using SKII for the past few years and I can see significant changes on my skin. However, as I was trying to explore other brands, I have stopped using Some products from SKII as I was trying out other products, but at the end of the day, I will always come back to it.

SKII’s facial treatment essence, one of their best selling products. It is
✔️enriched with Pitera
✔️light weight, easily absorbed compared to other essence that I have used in the past
✔️can be used near the eye area
✔️instant hydration.
✔️brightens skin

This is my countless bottles of FTE and I am never going to stop using it from now onwards.

SKII’s mid day miracle essence. It is a new product launched this year, I initially didn’t want to buy it as I thought it is similar with FTE, well, yes and no. It contains MoistureLock complex in fine particles that can penetrate through your make up and lock in moisture. Guess what, I brought it to taiwan(hot and humid) and my make up stayed all day. I used it in melbourne(cold and dry), I can feel that my skin is hydrated at the end of the day. I use it to set my make up sometimes but other times I will use it as a hydrating mist.

SKII’s mid night Miracle essence is another to buy product. It’s such a shame that it was launched a bit later in Australia, it was launched the same time in Asia if I am not mistaken. I hesitated a while before buying this product as it has some cooking effect like the FTE for men but after a while, I have decided to buy it due to the following reasons.
✔️MoistureLock complex is able to lock in moisture.
✔️cooling agent to refresh our skin at night after being exposed to environmental stress during the day.


Thanks for reading.


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