Tips and tricks to travel light

Hey everyone,

How are we all doing? I want to write a post about traveling light. I recently went for a holiday in Taiwan and I’d like to share what I packed as I did not buy any check in luggage. I came back with 20kg but my baggages weighed more than that. 🙊🙊🙊 We girls can really shop I tell you. We went to Taiwan for 9 days in total.

It is summer in Taiwan at the moment so I packed 7 tops, 2 bottoms. I only bought a few pieces of clothing as I am over with my obsession with clothings, I am more obsessed with skincare lately. So, here we go. That lasted me the whole trip, I didn’t have to wear my new unwashed clothes but I had to hand wash a few of my tops as they got wet from the sweat, I am more than happy to do that.

As for skincare and make up, I tried to minimise the things I bring along but I just feel like bringing the whole house. Anyway, I have decided to packed some samples as they are travel-friendly, not bulky, heavy and can be thrown away when finish.



I could have done it better by:
1) not bringing my toothpaste or buying a 100G travel size ones. I brought along a 300G toothpaste and that is not fun as most hotels supply them anyway.

2) I could have left my shampoo, conditioner, body wash as the hotel supplies them as well.

3) I could have cut down the amount of clothing I brought along and wash them instead.

However, I am pleased that my hand carry luggage before the trip was only 5kgs.

This is what I came back with. 1 hand carry, 2 check in.


I will share what I bought in Taiwan, this is a bit scary. The picture below is only parts of things I bought.


I have come to a conclusion that I need my fiancé to travel with me so he can carry all the heavy stuffs. Lol. I am just kidding.

Thanks for reading.
Happy mid week. Yay! The weekend is approaching.



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