Product review: Jurlique’s Intense Recovery Mask

Hey everyone,
How are we all doing. I hope everyone is doing well. I want to quickly review a beautiful product today and that is jurlique’s Intense Recovery Mask.

Packaging: comes in a paper packaging, with a metal tube. Love its simple yet practical packaging.




What does it do: let the packaging tell us all. 🙂


Let’s have a look at the product information:


Before using the product: skin is superdry due too excessive hand washing and the use of alcohol based hand rub.


I squeezed a bit out to test on the back of my hand. The colour is a bit unattractive. 🙊


Spread it out evenly and relax for 10 minutes and let it do its job.


After ten minutes, the colour changed a little as shown in the picture below.


Thoughts: a quick way to boost moisture, in 10 minutes, your skin is smoother and feels more supple. I will use this on days when I am super busy/ super lazy. 🙊 one has to be responsible for their skin, sometimes. Hahah. It had got a calming relaxing scent that I really like.

Recommendations: use before shower as you can wash off the clay in the shower. I massage the dried clay with warm water instead of using a cotton pad to wipe it off.

Price: $80

Thanks for reading. Will come up with more new products. 🙂


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