Greetings from Taiwan.

Hey everyone, how are we? I hope everyone is doing well.

I am writing this post in Taiwan as I am currently on holiday. Yay! I want to share some skincare/make up tips in this post today.

It is summer on Taiwan now. Hot and humid with temperatures ranging from 28-32. Such beautiful weather.

These are things I packed for this trip.


I opted to travel light so I used a lot of sample/ travel size skincare. Of course, Taiwan is famous for its budget friendly skincare, especially masks. We can get skincare products from pharmacies like watson’s, cosmed. The sales assistants are very helpful and very willing to help. I had very good experience until now with every sales assistant I met.

When I was on the plane, I sprayed a lot of SKII’s mid day miracle essence as the cabin air is so drying. I applied eye cream on a regular basis too as my under eye areas are dry.


Food and shopping has been great so far in Taiwan.



See ya all soon.


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