1 July 2015

Hey everyone, how are we all doing, I hope all are doing well. I cannot believe it’s already July and guess what, Christmas will be around the corner and oh no, 2016 will be here soon.

It’s actually my birthday today. I hvnt been celebrating my birthday since 21 as I was always working on my birthday till last year. I do shift work and I don’t normally request off on my birthday and I really don’t mind working on that day.

Birthday is like any other days when I have to get up and do what I need to do. However, I have got the chance to actually think about what happened in the past year, rethink of my priorities and set new goals for myself. This is what I normally do on my birthday and on New Year’s Eve.

I want to take this opportunity to thank my family for their upbringing, the efforts and sacrifice they have made in raising us kids!

So, just want to share what I did today. I woke up early to prepare breakfast for my fiancé, did laundry, went to the shops and got some groceries, bought myself more presents! Lol, a girl can never have enough presents. I bought myself some kikki.k goodies which I will share with you guys soon. Came home, studied!! I cannot believe that i actually studied. This is because I am going overseas on Sunday and I have exam when I come back. I have to be prepared.

I then cooked dinner.

Glutinous rice with steamed chicken. 糯米鸡.
Some stir fry veggies.

Look at this naughty boy. Let me introduce you all to bailey, our cream point ragdoll kitten. He can be very naughty at times but otherwise he is such a lovely boy.

June empties. Review will be up soon. Hopefully before I go overseas.


Thanks for reading. Have a good night.



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