Product review: sulwashoo’s gentle cleansing oil

Hey everyone, how are we all doing? I hope all is well. I am off today so I decided to review a product, and that is sulwashoo’s gentle cleansing oil. A little introduction to sulwashoo’s product. It is one of the luxury skincare brands from Korea, they combine technology and plants to create their products.

Packaging: it comes in a paperbox which I have already recycled. 🙊
It then comes with a seperate dispenser and a bottle of cleansing oil.



Let’s have a look at the product itself, the cleansing oil itself is transparent, the smell is calming.


Let’s have a look at how it works.
This is my hand with full coverage liquid foundation with mascara and eye shadow.


I used 1 pump in this case and massage it on dry skin. This is how it looks after 30 seconds of massaging.


I then add a small amount of water to get it emulsified.


Let’s compare both hands. The left hand with rings is the one after using sulwashoo’s gentle cleansing oil.


I normally double cleanse with my normal cleanser. I then use Albion’s skin conditioner as my toner and this is how it looks like after using it. No make up traces!!!!


Benefits of this product:
1) contains white birch to restore glow
2) can be used around lips and eye area
3) this is THE product that does not sting my eyes after use.

Will I buy it again? Yes I will!

Thanks for reading.


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