Morning skincare routine (updated winter 2015)

Hey all,
How are we? I hope everyone is doing well. I have put blogging as my top priority during my uni break. My skin care routine is forever changing as I always wanted to explore new products.

Current skincare routine as below, I am fighting melbourne’s dry and cold winter with air humidifier(will take pictures of it soon) as I often wake up with dry bleeding nose.


In the morning, if I am staying home or my face feels dry, I will just use water to clean my face and use Albion’s skin conditioner to clean my face with a cotton pad. I am thinking of using cream cleanser too in the morning.

I then use Estée Lauder’s micro essence on my whole face, gently patting it on my face. I normally massage my face allowing the product to be absorbed better if time allows.

I then use Lancôme’s eye serum, I then massage it over my eye lids and under my eyes gently. It helps with getting rid of puffiness. I then apply loccitane’s eye cream generously. I have noticed that the lines under my eyes are slowly fading away, my make up won’t cake as much under my eyes which is a good sign.

I then use the Estée Lauder’s advanced night repair serum, this is my first time using this product after hearing so many good reviews from a lot of people. I use a generous amount of the serum as well as the weather is just too dry.

I then apply some moisturiser from cloud 9, review was done a few days ago. 😎

I am good to go then.

Thanks for reading. Next on, night time routine/new products/SOS products.


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