Product review: cloud 9

Hey everyone,
How are we all doing? I hope we are doing well. I am done with my exam for the first semester, having 3 weeks off uni, but I am still working. I really look forward to my holiday to Taiwan.

Anyhow, I want to review a product today. This is a Korean skincare product that was released a while ago, I was a bit late in reviewing this product but better to be late than never hey.

Let’s start with packaging. It comes in a box.


The box itself has 2 seals.


The product itself was contained in a beautiful glass bottle.


It comes with a little scoop underneath as well.


Let’s have a look at the cream itself.


What’s your thoughts? I was like😱😱😱😱 what happened to this pot of moisturiser? I thought it was spoilt or something. I has to calm myself down for a few minutes then jumped on the internet to look for more information. I was relieved that it is actually alright.

I scooped a tiny bit from the the pot. You don’t actually need a lot because when it spreads out, it will turn into very light weight cream. This is just amazing.

Little bit on my hand.



Thoughts: I am happy with its packaging. I am not too fuss when it comes to packaging, as long as it is practical.
The cream itself is lightweight. I am surprised it won’t cause any oiliness around my T-zone.
The cream is easily spread and the whitening effect is noticeable.
It is moisturising as well.

Thanks for reading. More reviews and pictures to come on other products.


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