Happy bday to my baby blog.

Hey everyone,
I will write another entry as I have some extra time to spare now, I will write about the people I have met through blogging and instagram.

I was crazy about skincare/makeup when I was 22, I think, I started exploring the beautiful world of luxury skincare and make up then. I have met a lovely people through blogging and Instagram whom I become good friends with. I don’t have perfect skin but I do put in extra effort (sometimes) to make up for it as I was mistreating my skin during my younger years.

I met Lilian who visited melbourne not long ago and we Definetely had a great time catching up. We never fail to surprise each other with skincare products and fine things in life.

OOTD for meeting the VVIPs, I met a dear friend of mine who I hvnt seen for two years before meeting Lilian.

We had a fabulous meal at a Korean bar and restaurant with the company of Mr.Ford, Tom Ford he is. Lol.


Little things in life that makes me happy. Thanks Lilian. She said I will be the centre of attention. Lol.

I appreciate everything and everyone I have met thought this beautiful journey of exploring the world of beauty and skincare!

Oh, I have to say, my skin is so much better now and I actually came to uni today without make up! Yay!

Thanks for reading.


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