My blog turns 1

Hello lovelies,
How are we all doing? Once again, I am very busy with my studies and work. I study everyday on my days off, before and after I go to work. I know I am not smart, thus I have to put in extra effort to make things work.

I am really enjoying my post graduate studies. There goes the saying, you don’t know what you don’t know until you find out what you don’t know. It is indeed true.

I did have a blog years ago with blog spot where I use that as a tool to write essay. Lol. As my passion grows in beauty and life, I started blogging once again, but, with wordpress. I am happy to get to where I am today. I am also happy to have known all the lovely people that have encouraged me to persist on this journey.


This blog was dedicated to only make ups and skincare at the start but I love everything in life that I just cannot dedicate this blog to only make up and skincare, thus, bags, shoes, food has been blogged.

Japanese curry and stir fry greens

Last but not least, yes we are having a BABY!!!! A baby ragdoll. We have decided to call it 小麦,麦麦, or mike!


As we speak, I am trying out another skincare routine and I think that routine really works for me, I will give it another few days to confirm and will blog about it soon.

Thanks for reading,


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