Life in general

Hey, how are we doing. It has been a busy week for me as I am preparing my test, assignments and work. It is not easy to juggle everything at once, esp that work life balance.

As we all know, I visited the SKII counter not long ago and has made a few purchase. I tried to move away from SKII in the past few months but that did not work well for my skin. I find my skin dryer and such.

Anyway, I have come up with a new skincare routine as I have heaps of products to try. I am using mostly lamcome in the morning and SKII at night.


Visiting the famous beach house at Brighton beach.


I have been cooking a lot lately as Mr.Soon is busy working.

Easy and simple, that’s what it takes. We are both working, just because I get home early so I think I have the obligation to cook and prepare a meal before he comes back, plus that is one of my ways to distress after work. Life is not easy and I think to maintain a good relationship, we have to sacrifice and commit in some ways.

Macaroons the other day brought back by my a friend. Such beautiful pastel colour, thus a nice picture is compulsory.

Me battling yesterday with studies.

Thanks for reading. I hope everyone is doing well.


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