My Recent SKII Haul

Hey everyone, how are we all doing? I hope everyone is keeping their skin hydrated as the horrible weather is stripping moisture out of our skin. Omg. 😱😱😱😱

I have promised myself not to go back to SKII as they just suck my money like anything and i wanted to explore other products as well so I hvnt been to the SKII counter for ages but!!! That did not last long enough. As I was shopping with Lilian, we went to SKII in David Jones and were served by the friendly SA who talked through a FTE products with us.

I want to introduce the new Mid-day miracle essence. This product was launched last week and I got it on the third day it was launched. Happy happy. I was blown away by what it does.


So, as we all know, Facial Treatment Essence (FTE) containes Pitera and that’s the selling point of SKII. So, why a mid day miracle essence? Why can’t I just use a FTE and put it in a spray bottle? Why spend money on a similar product? People, calm down!!! The mid-day miracle essence contains the new MoistureLock complex that is able to penetrate make up and lock in moisture. There are times when we feel that our skin is a bit dry in the afternoon but we won’t remove our make up just to apply moisturiser/apply moisturiser on top of our make up, then, this is the IT product! Just a few spray and your make up will stay nice and pretty for the whole day, your skin will feel more hydrated. That’s my experience. I had my make up on for 15 hours yesterday and no touch up was needed, my make up remained beautiful at the end of that 15 hour and it did not smear.

This will be my holy grail product to set my make up.

I bought a few things as well from my visit to SKII. Mother’s Day is just around the corner and I have bought a few items for mum as she deserves it.


We all work hard and I think we do need a little reward from time to time, life is too short to not to pamper ourselves once in a while.

The SA we spoke to has amazing skin and she is 23. She did not believe I am turning 26 this year(thanks you SKII), these are the products that she is using at the moment. I believe in maintaining a good relationship with anyone and everyone. I shall say ih to her when I see her next.


I am actually waiting for Australia to launch their new CC cream. I cannot wait!!!!

I did my skin analysis today and my skin age is 24. There are still rooms for improvement! Prevention is better than cure.

Thanks for reading.

P/S: read more of the mid-day Miravle Essence on Vogue Australia (April).



5 thoughts on “My Recent SKII Haul

  1. I love this SKII BLOG writing…. For SKII there’s always a ‘but’ because you know it is going to work on you. You only have one face so spend on it. 🙂

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