My experience with Maison Tsumiki

Hey all,
How are we all, I hope all is well, I had a super busy week. I am glad that I am done with all my exams and assignment. I am free for one day then I will have to start to prepare for next week’s lecture. Life has been great so far as I was focusing on things I have and setting short term goals and being able to achieve them. I love my life now.

I am going to share my experience I had with Maison Tsumiki. Who is Maison Tsumiki? What is Maison Tsumiki? Maison Tsumiki is a 5 star boutique Japanese hair salon. It had 2 stores in melbourne, one in Prahrah and one in Emporium. They offer Shu uemura’s products for hair. The Shu Uemura slogan is “Art of Hair”, exclusive to selected salon.

I went and got my hair done with Lilian who visited melbourne last week. We had a great day in short but I wanted to highlight the exceptional experience I had in Maison Tsumiki. From bookings to getting my hair done, I have nothing to complain as I was blown away by their professional services. Will I go back next time? Of course!

It all started by making an appointment, I was not sure of what sort of hair treatment they provided, they explained to me in detailed and in a very professional way.

I had customised hair treatment done initially, costed $60, shampoo, treatment, blow dry, mini head massage. It was really worth it. It took about 10-15 minutes. My hair is more hydrated and shiny after the treatment.

The stylist then discussed with me how would I like my hair done, we came to a conclusion that we would cut it short with some fringe. Happy with that decision and that went on. Happy with the cut. Nothing to complain about. Initially booked an art director to cut my hair but I think he/she is attending to another customer so a principle stylist did my hair cut. $99. Very professional, for once, I didn’t feel like crying after he cut my hair.


Before and after treatment+cut.


The atmosphere was amazing. Will definitely recommend friends to have their hair done here.

Drinks and some snacks were served. Best thing is the latest version of fashion magazines are available in both English and Japanese. I bought a few Shu uemura’s products as well and I can’t wait to try them on.

I think I am liking my short hair now, next on, I am going to introduce a new product releases by SKII.


Sneak peak of the product. Thanks for reading, stay tuned!



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