Happy things in life

Hey all,
I have been MIA for the past 11 days as I was very busy working, preparing for tests and such, since I have done studies for today, I’d like to write something quick.

I cannot believe that I am done with my 4 weeks of rotation in the cathlab, time has really flew by and I had a wonderful experience there. Learnt a lot and the staff there are just so lovely, all of them.

My dear friend Lilian has flew in from Sydney and we had a lovely day having our hair done, eating out, buying skincare, I think both of us are real suckers when it comes to SKII, I promised myself not to go to the counter again, and there I was, spending my money on skincare again. Anyway, I do hope that my skin will improve! It has been a bit dry lately, weather is changing, I think I will get myself a humidifier for this winter.

A few friends are coming around so I will have to be super organised and good with my time management so I can get to spend more time with them while keeping up with my own studies.

Ok, gotta go, I hope to blog this coming Wednesday about a new product launched by SKII AND/OR about my experience I had when I was doing my hair.

Have a Lovely week ahead all.

Thanks for reading,




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