10 things that make me happy.

Hello Lovelies, how are we all doing, I a doing well, finally recovered from my nasty flu. Just finish uni as we speak and i think I did quite well in my test, although I changed 2 correct answers to the wrong ones but, at least I know where and what to study. I aim to get 80% next time round, my next test is in 2 weeks time, really looking forward to that as I am actually learning new knowledge everytime I prepare for the test. It may be stressful, but the uni and my 2 lovely educators are actually preparing me to become a better nurse, as for me. As for me, I have to to suck it up and prepare to be better at my job! That’s my ultimate goal for this year. So much to learn and I try to change my attitude towards learning because it can be fun too. =)

I am playing Tag for this post as I was really inspired by annie’s beauty to do it. There was a time when I concentrate more on the unhappy things than the happy ones which was s huge mistake! Annie has been an inspiration beauty blogger as she is always cheerful when recommending skincare/makeup. I always have a smile on my face after reading her posts.

1) Talking to my fiancé
He is my soul mate and I can just say whatever I want to him and he will just listen patiently weather if he understands what I am saying.

2) Talking to my close friends
I have to admit I don’t have a lot of friends, but once I treat you as a friend, I am serious about that and I want you in my life forever. I am very protective person as I do not want to get hurt. I am blessed to have a lot of close friends, we may not be living in the same city, we may not come from the same country, but it is that ‘same wavelength’ that brought us together.

3) Talking to my family
We do not live in the same country, but I often make international calls/whatapps my family. It’s nice to know what are they going through and I’d like to spend a bit more time with the whenever I can and be a better person to make them proud.

4) Cats
Cats makes me happy. They are just so mysterious and adorable at the same time, I just cannot justify how that happens, but, it is a good combination. We helped look after a rag doll for a few days while our friends were away and we totally loved the experience.

5) Beautiful weather
I love nice sunny weather, it just puts a smile on my face immediately, i dislike autumn and winter.

6) Mother nature
I love walking around parks/beach, somewhere outdoor so I can spend more time outdoor instead of indoors. I missed those days when we were able to do morning walks by Bondi Beach. I have this feeling that the sun has got rid of all my negativity and added more positivity in me. =)

7) Flowers
I didn’t fancy flowers too much when I was younger, it’s until recently that I started to like them, I normally buys a bouquet from the local farmer’s market from the only florist. The smell of the flowers, how beautiful it will bloom into just makes me a happy girl.

8) FOOD!!!
How can I not mention food. I love food, especially home cooked meals. For me, the happiest moments when I go home is to have home cooked meals prepared by my grandma/mother. It’s just the best feeling. I learnt the importance of culinary skills and have learn it over the years and I can say i am a better cook than I was. I eat out as well, but not at fancy restaurants because I prefer home cooked meals and I’s rather spend the money elsewhere.

9) When things turned out as planned
I have this little planner and I normally write down things I want to do on the day itself as I have to study,work at the same time, it may be stressful, but I was told by a senior colleague that plan ahead and keep yourself up to date. It also explains why I cannot function without a planner. I just love to plan things. I get questioned a lot about what happens when things didn’t go as it is planned, the answer is, I WILL GO CRAZY, LOL.

10) Finer things in life
I do not encourage buying luxury goods when you can’t afford it, this concept is wrong. I got a lot of misconceptions lately about liking finer things in life->you buy luxury goods because you are materialistic/you just want to show off and such. My answer to that question would be->you know my name, but you don’t know my story, you know I like finer things in life but you don’t know why I like them. For me, I buy finer things in life using my own money, so, I am not asking my fiancé/anyone to give it as a gift (I will not say no if anyone wants to give me some, LOL). It is a reward for myself for achieving certain milestone in my life. It has actually got sentimental value. I don’t just buy it because I can/I want. Whenever I see things I have bought for myself, I will remember a happy memory. =)

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