Hair Care

Hi all, how are we all doing? I hope all is well.

Today, I a going to write a post about hair care. I am a bit sceptical to write about this post as I have gone through a lot with my hair and some people have made some comments that had hurt me. I have fine and thin hair since birth and I have no issues with hair fall problems (That’s one of the frequently asked questions when I have a haircut). In response to that question, I have asked myself, is this really the case? No, because the amount of hair has remained the same and I actually count the amount of hair that has fallen off while I am shampooing, blowing, tying my hair and that’s less than 10 per day which is normal.

I will bring you through how I care for my hair. I will use Lush’s Roots treatment at least 2 times a week. This is like the only hair treatment I found in the market for thin and fine hair. It actually said “Thine be the glory-don’t despair, we’ve got a treatment for thin and fine hair”. It does wonders to scalp. It adds volume to my hair and my hair just feels so soft after use. I normally apply Roots treatment on my scalp, massage it onto my scalp and leave it for 20 minutes. The minty scent is refreshing and as many of you know I love organic products and that is why I am so obsessed with this product. I have used it for almost a year now and the result is obvious.

Shampoo is next. I used to use non organic shampoo and I find that my hair is very dry after use, however my scalp is super oily. As a result I have to wash my hair everyday to get rid of the oiliness on my scalp but at the same time, my hair gets drier. I got a bit worried and tried Sukin’s product and instantly fell in love with it. I normally rotate between their protein, nourishing and purifying shampoo. Why Sukin? No SLS, SLES, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene Glycol, artificial colour, triethanolamine, mineral oil, EDTA, paraben. It is 100% OZ owned and made, vegan, carbon neutral, no animal testing. I didn’t quite get used to the limited foam it produces but at the end of the day, I am used to it and surprisingly, my scalp is not oily at all. This is just the best shampoo I have ever used.

I am kind of new to conditioner and I guess that contributed a lot to my damaged hair in the past. I am currently using Dove’s Intensive repair conditioner, this is my second bottle and I am loving it. I use it at the end of my hair and I hvnt seen split end since. This conditioner works so well for my hair and it leaves a nice scent. WIN!

I will use Essential’s hair mask at least 1-2 times a week if I remember and not too busy. This hair mask is very hydrating and a lot of my friends are using it at the moment. I use it like how I use a conditioner but leave it for a longer period of time. It delivers moisture and I can go for 2 days without using conditioner. Best hair mask ever.

I will then dry my hair with a hair dryer. I will use body shop’s detangler to comb through my hair. I was using a brush and a normal comb previously and that was a huge mistake. It’s like a fight between the comb and my hair, and my hair lost all the time because I will get split ends all the time. After blow drying. I then use a brush to brush my hair and there we go! The main reason I chose to use body shop’s wood detangler and brush is because I do not like plastic and metal as it creates too much statics and my hair gets very frizzy! These 2 products are really my holy grails. I bring them wherever I go now.

As for scalp treatment, I am using John Master’s Organic scalp. It is a deep scalp follicle treatment and volumizer for thinning hair. It does volumise my hair by improving the condition of the scalp thus promoting healthy hair growth. I do a few sprays everyday after washing my hair.

Next on, Body Shop’s Grapeseed glossing serum. Such a wonderful product. When my hair feel dry, I will pump 2 pumps and apply it on my hair to get rid of those nasty frizzes.

I hvnt tried Argan oil and such, have you tried any?

Thanks for reading.




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