Autumn/Winter skincare 2015 PART I

Hey everyone, how are we all doing? I hope all is well. I am sick, with flu, cough, sore throat and a bit of fever, but it’s all good, meaning my immune system is still fighting against all those nasty bacterias/viruses. I called in sick this morning and I am going to see a doctor this evening.

Ok, let’s start, it’s autumn in Melbourne and i definitely blame Melbourne’s weather for my sickness. It was a beautiful 28 degree sunny day on Sunday and it was 19 degrees on Monday. Oh my goodness. Anyway, the colder weather is definitely coming. =(

I want to say that there are a few holy grail products not included in my current skincare regime as I am trying out some other skincare.

I remove my makeup with Lamer’s Cleansing oil, I love cleansing oil in general but this bottle was given to me by my dear friend Lilian.

‘The Cleansing Oil is a detoxifying cleanser that contains precious marine oils and transforms into a luxurious, milky fluid when water is added. The Miracle Broth™ infuses skin with precious nutrients, immersing it in moisture and energy. Ideal for removing eye and face makeup.’ FROM LAMER’s WEBSITE
I normally use 2-3 pumps depending on the make up I wear. I am very happy with what it does as it really does its job. The special thing about this cleansing oil is it has pearl powder, I hvnt seen any cleansing oil with pearl powder. This product is replacing my normal Shu Eumura’s cleansing oil and I love it. Retailed at $100 for 200 mls.

Then I will wash my face with either SKII’s Facial Treatment gentle cleanser. The main thing I look for in cleanser is that it does not fry out my skin as some cleansers leave your skin dry and tight. A little goes a long way and it forms a lot of foams as well. It leaves my skin soft and hydrated after use.
“Infused with Pitera™ and white willow extract, this foam cleanser with natural rose scent cleanses impurities around and inside pores while enveloping your skin with silky smoothness. Feel the immense conditioning effect even after cleansing.” FROM SKII’s website
Retailed at $90 for 120G. I don’t have a holy grail cleanser as I am forever changing my cleanser and this will do for now. I am using a travel size ones as I want to finish them up before I start using the full size.

Simple’s gel wash is another good buy. I bought it from Priceline the other day when it was on sale. It is a gel wash, i thought it was going to be drying, but no, not at all. I am happy with what it does.

P/S: I normally clean my face using clarisonic Mia 2.

Skin conditioner is next. I rotate between Albion’s skin conditioner and SK II’s Facial Treatment Clear Lotion, I prefer Albion’s. Skin conditioner gently remove make up residue, dead skin and impurities after cleansing. I prefer Albion. I cannot tell why but it’s just a gut feeling.

“This is a skin conditioner which is in soft, mild texture for easy penetration. Skin becomes moist and smooth after application. It helps to firm your skin and gives you healthy and rosy glow. This conditioner blended with Coix Seed Extract, a moisturizing ingredient to soften and re-hydrate your skin. Suitable for skin which is prone to weak and unhealthy due to the changes of weather and environment. This conditioner revitalizes, replenishes and energizes rough and dry skin for healthy and dewy results.

Delivers moisture to UV damaged and dry skin and brings out the skin’s innate luminosity and translucence.”
I normally use it day and night, saturate a cotton pad and wipe it from the centre of my face outwards.
Price, I got a friend to get it from Japan. I think it’s $60+ for 165mls.

SKII’s Facial Treatment Clear Lotion. This was recommended to me by the SA at my local SKII counter. She recommended that it would help with hydrating my face. Not sure about the hydrating part, but definitely helps to remove impurities and such.
“This effective toning lotion with a mix of AHA and Pitera™ exfoliates dead skin cells and impurities. Its clarifying formula prepares the face for the rest of your skincare regimen.” FROM SKII’s WEBSITE
Retailed at $85 for 150mls.

I will spray a few sprays of Jurlique’s Rosewater balancing mist on my face. Recommended for normal skin. Retailed at $35 for 30mls.

Then I will do my eyes. Eye serum alone is not enough for me as there are a few visible lines under my eyes that I really need to get rid of. So I pair it with an eye cream afterwards.
I will start by using Lancome’s Genifique Yeux light pearl eye serum, this is still my holy grail because not many companies have eye serum. I have got Sukin’s Eye serum, but I hunt used it yet. The serum is very hydrating and I can see results after a few weeks and I am loving it. Retailed at $92 for 20mls.

I am using Loccitane’s Precious eye balm at the moment. (my previous holy grail was SKII’s stem power eye) I was actually blown away by how it works. A girlfriend recommended me this product. The texture is slightly lighter than SKII’s but, it gets absorbed really well and fast. The results are the same. SO, I have found something to replace my SKII’s eye cream at a better price! Happy.
With 2 patents pending, the Precious Eye Balm offers a triple action to visibly reduce the appearance of wrinkles and help restore firmness to the skin*.Immediately, the skin appears smoother (76%)* and firmer (70%)*. After 1 month, lines and wrinkles appear visibly reduced and skin looks tightened. An overall rested look is achieved, as puffiness and dark areas seem minimised thanks to the action of ruscus and holly extracts.
The eye area looks smoothed and rested: it glows with youth.

“Immortelle is a flower with exceptional longevity: it never fades, even after it has been picked. In order to guarantee the highest quality and the traceability of this golden flower, L’OCCITANE has invested in very first large-scale, sustainable and organic Immortelle plantation program in Corsica. Immortelle essential oil is rich in active molecules that deliver unique anti-aging beauty results.” FROM LOCCITANE’s WEBSITE
Retialed at $56 for 15 mL but I got it duty free for $39.

That’s it for now.
Thanks for reading, Gotta get back to my studies now. =)



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