Duty free shopping

Hey lovelies,

How is everyone doing? I hope all is well. This is a long due blog post I guess. I wanted to blog about my duty free shopping and here we go. I recently went back to malaysia for holiday. I bought most of my make up/skincare in melbourne international airport and Kuala Lumpur international airport. There we go.


Passport, purse and boarding pass.


I bought mostly SKII products as my mum loves them, I wanted to try Estée Lauder’s advanced night repair (this travel set includes a full size of advanced night serum and for the eye), chanel’s hydra beauty micro serum.


SKII’s stempower essence, 50mls and 30mls. Good anti aging serum. That’s for mum, I have another bottle in OZ.


SKII’s facial treatment gentle cleanser, I love this cleanser very much as a little goes a long way. It does not dry my skin and that’s something I look for when I buy a cleanser. This is for mum as well.


SKII’s Facial Treatment Essence 330mls, mum bought it for me in HK because I finish a bottle in a short period of time and hopefully this will last me a while. 🙂 this is my staple in my everyday skincare routine and I will not change.


SKII’s cleansing oil. I love cleansing oil and use that to remove make up. This is initially for mum but she has another bottle of cleansing oil at home so she said she didn’t want it, ok mum, that’s mine now. Can’t wait to use it as I am halfway through my La Mer Cleansing oil.


SKII stempower cream. This product had caused my skin to breakout in malaysia and I have stopped using it. This is for mum.

There are a few items I didn’t take pictures individually but those are products I use everyday. So yea.

Thanks for reading. What’s your favourite duty free shop? I normally shop duty free for make up/skincare when I can unless I am desperate for a product.

Have a great weekend.


8 thoughts on “Duty free shopping

      1. oh sorry, didn’t know you don’t have one, my bad, i personally think that trying out samples first is a good idea as my skin is quite sensitive sometimes and it’s not worth buying products that cause irritations to your skin, if you want to know more about a certain SKII product, let me know, happy to do a review on it if I have used it before, =)

      2. No worries my lovely! 😁😁😁
        I did tried a few things from them. I am curious if the Luminessence serum is any good… It’s quite an investment so I would love to know!…
        Lots of xx

      3. Actually, I can send you samples cuz I have a SK II counter closely and I can stop and ask for samples anytime as the SA knows me well. Let me know if you are interested and send me an email floranze@gmail.com I will definitely review that product, =)

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