Part 3 30 days of skincare

Hey, how are we all doing? I hope we are well. I have started my 4 weeks postgrad rotation in the cardiac cathlab this week. The first day was not too bad, all the staffs are really supportive! I hope to learn as much as I can while I am there.

First of all, a bunch of flower for my lovely readers. I got this beautiful bunch from the local market. I think the florist is an Irish, love his accent.

He is always polite and helpful. I have bought several bunch of flowers from him just to light up my days.

30 days of skincare continues.


Lancôme’s eye serum, genifique yeux light pearl, I think I have blogged about this product a few times already and this is irreplaceable as I hvnt found any eye serum on the market as yet (please let me know if you know a good one) as I really need to get rid of those nasty under eye lines. This product comes with a metallic applicator which tends to cool the eye area to reduce puffiness. I personally don’t use that metallic applicator as I have OCD. I will gently pat the eye serum under and over my eyes, massaging gently and then apply eye cream over it to achieve optimal effect.

Loccitane’s precious eye balm: this is my first loccitane skincare 🙊, been wanting to try them for so long but I just don’t have a chance. I have a set of loccitane skincare waiting to be used and reviewed. So excited! I bought it last Xmas. Anyway, this balm promises to reduce dark circle and wrinkles. Its texture is slightly lighter than SKII’s stempower eye cream. It does reduce the appearance of wrinkles. In regards to dark circles, I can’t really review that cuz I always have dark circles. I am happy with the results so far and will finish this tub.

Chanel’s hydra beauty micro essence. I hvnt really tried chanel’s skincare and am really interested to try their serum. I am crazy about serum lately so whenever I see serum, I will buy them. P/S: this has got to stop. 🙊 this is something I wanted to try since it has been released and I bought them duty free. Very happy with the price.

Lancôme’s genifique cream: this is a gift and that my moisturiser is almost finish, I am looking forward to use and review them.

Omega planet ocean seamaster to remind myself once again that time is precious and to spend it wisely.

What have you discovered lately?

P/S: all my photos are taken with iPhone 5S, instagrammed and uploaded on my blog as I normally blog using my phone.

Thanks for reading,
Stay beautiful!


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