Sunday’s brunch

Hey everyone,
How are we all doing? I hope everyone is doing well. It’s rare for me to have the weekend off but I am not complaining. This is going to be a very busy year for me and I totally am ready to face it.

I love eating out at times with friends in nice cafés and melbourne is famous for its cafés. I am very lucky indeed. Sadly, i do not appreciate coffee as it gives me palpitations and severe headache. I had a cup of mocha just now and I am now experiencing severe headache and nausea. Omg…. 😱😱😱

Ok, I am going to write about this cafe called ‘The Last Piece’. This lovely place is ‘hidden’ in a housing area in Mulgrave. It is in front of the stadium where the Hawks train. The environment is nice, it has both indoor and outdoor seating. Service is excellent, as I believe in customer service. Food is great. Now, let the pictures speak.

Special of the day, photo credits to Mr.L who took this pic as I wasn’t wearing my glasses thus I can’t see what’s on the menu. I actually ordered the ultimate breakfast burger and I was blown away.

Look at the generous amount of Flaxseed on top of the bun. Adding flaxseed on the bun, such a great and healthy idea. The bun itself is no ordinary bun. It tastes a bit like croissant, I just love that ‘buttery’ taste. It has fried eggs, thick piece of ham and bacon. Yum!!! What is breakfast/brunch without eggs, bacon and ham. The salad was a bomb as well. I am not a huge fan of rockets but they use yoghurt and sour cream as their dressing, added grapes, cherry tomatoes, cheese, pine nuts. I was really blown away. Happy tummy.

My fiancé ordered a big breakfast and here it goes.

I am sure I cannot finish all that.

Drinks we had. Cappucino, latte and my mocha.

Thanks for reading and I hope everyone will have a great week ahead!


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