Breakfast, the Kuching way.

Hey lovelies,
How are we all doing. After talking to my dear friend Lilian, she suggested that I do a lifestyle blog instead of a beauty blog. Such a great idea as I cannot dedicate a blog/Instagram just for beauty itself, not that I don’t like beauty enough, it’s just that like to take pictures and share what I like in life generally, if that’s okay with you all. Please leave a comment if you think I should just stick to beauty blogging. Much appreciated.

Most of you may know I just got back from Kuching, Malaysia recently. I went back for Chinese New Year to spend time with my family and friends. Kuching is the capital of Sarawak, the largest state in Malaysia. Kuching means ‘cat’ in Malay. Kuching is a lovely place. Blessed with heaps of natural resources, good food and friendly people.

I’d like to introduce what I had for breakfast back in Kuching. There are a lot more food I hvnt had the chance to eat but oh well, I shall go back next time.


The famous Kuching Kolo Mee, basically, this dish is famous in Kuching, everyone from Kuching will Definetely miss this dish when they are living overseas for a long while. I never liked kolo mee when I was younger but this time round, I had kolo mee almost everyday for breakfast. This is how good it is. This is a special one as it comes with a bowl of soup containing seaweed, pork mince and fish balls. Such a bomb. Thanks for the recommendation Esther.

This is how a normal kolo mee looks like. This is a takeaway version and yes we use a plastic bag to wrap our food.


Next on, the ultimate Kuching laksa. I guess most people knows about laksa, Penang laksa, Singapore laksa, curry laksa but, I still think Kuching laksa is the best! The paste is made of shrimp paste and a lot of herbs, normally, we don’t homemade it, we buy the paste. Add some vermicelli, chicken, eggs, bean sprout, lime, coriander and there we go, Kuching laksa. It’s a family tradition to have Kuching laksa on the second day of Chinese New Year, don’t ask me why. Everyone in the family loves a bowl of laksa. Yum yum. Tastes so good. The following laksa is made by my grandma.


Next on, half boiled eggs and kaya toast, this is a typical hainanese breakfast. You can actually order this in most hawker stores but I actually had this while transiting as I was craving for a piece of bread. Kaya is basically a spread made of coconut milk, eggs and sugar, I made it myself once and loved it. How to make kaya toast: toast 2 pieces of bread, spread it with butter and kaya or the other way round. A successful kaya toast has to be thin enough so the whole piece of bread is crispy. Best to be served with a hot cup of tea/coffee.


A closer look at the kaya toast.

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