Skincare and make up review.

Hey everyone,

How are we all doing? I just got back from my holiday, didn’t wanna really come back but oh well. So, I am back in melbourne now.


Remember this photo? Those were the products I brought to malaysia on my most recent trip. I will review some of the make up and skin care I brought along and new skincare I have discovered back in malaysia.


Products I am happy with:
1) Chanel CC cream: this is one of my favourite face product. It gives perfect coverage, does not cake and melt! Most importantly, it stays on my face for 12 hours without caking and melting. I will just blot away my face and add some powder and I am ready to go again. I have combination skin and I only need to touch up once a day. It contains SPF as well which is very important, as I have got enough freckles and I do not want anymore on my cheeks. The weather in malaysia is hot and humid and I am really glad a brought along this product!

2) Lilian vital’s sunscreen. I was blown away by its texture. This was given to me by my mum as I did not bring along a sunblock. My mum was very big on sunscreen but I was not too keen to apply sunscreen when I was younger this I have now freckles on my cheeks. Anyway, my mum gave this to me a few years back and I did not even touch it. This time round, I requested sunscreen from mum as I didn’t want to wear make up that day. The texture is like a moisturiser, not heavy and not oily, I can spread it easily and my make up does not cake/melt. I am always looking for a sunscreen that is light, offer higher SPF and easy to absorb, I have Albion in mind but I guess this sunscreen will do for now. This is purchased from Cosway.

3) Lancôme’s hydra zen neocalm. I love it as it comes in a gel form, easily absorbed and my skin does not feel dry after using it. It is a very good moisturising product.

4) SKII’s facial treatment gentle cleanser. It is a good cleanser as it foams easily. Only a little amount of product is needed to wash the whole face. I use a cleansing device to clean my face and this cleanser does not dry my skin.

Products that do not suit me:
Clinique’s clarifying lotion 2. This is actually a sample given to me by a SA as my friend bought a lot of product from her. I used Clinique in my late teens and my skin was sooooo dry, maybe the SA recommended me the wrong product. I was a bit reluctant to try this out as I was skeptical towards their product and guess what. The moment I put this product on my face, I felt a strong stinging sensation as if my face was being torn apart, 😱😱😱, I thought I was going to have a allergy reaction but thank god nothing happened, I guess my skin has gotten a bit more sensitive as I grow old and thank god it’s a sample and that I did not purchase the product. However, the stinging sensation has reduced throughout the days as I actually use it for several days.

2) SKII Stempower cream: I am a huge fan of SKII and I actually believe in their products. Stempower cream has let me down this time round. Unfortunately, as I was using it in malaysia, my face started breaking out. I didn’t think it was the cream so I used it 2 days continuously and the area of breakout increased. I stopped immediately and used some calming products and thank god my face was in a better condition for Chinese New Year. I have friends telling me that they breakout too when using the stempower cream. Oh well, I shall update you guys if I am still having the same problem if I use it back in Australia.

Thanks for reading, next post will be on duty free skincare products. Yay!


One thought on “Skincare and make up review.

  1. Your Clinique incident sound pretty serious! Phew lucky all good but stingy felt a few hrs?! Wow. I tried them when I went to High school but haven’t tried their stuff for a while now. Nothing really attracted to me. Re the stempower yup I had the same issue and tried a few time gave up and gave to my mum in law.

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