Skincare and make up I pack for the upcoming holiday.

Hey lovelies,
How are we all doing? I hope all is well, it has been a really busy week for me, as I have started my postgraduate studies. This week is uni week, Monday to Thursday and I am flying off on Thursday midnight. Happy happy.


I want to remind myself of something important: time is important and priceless, most importantly, we can never go back in time. I want to take this opportunity to remind myself that I have to focus on person and things that are important and my life and not to bother with things that aren’t necessary in my life. It is going to be a busy year ahead as well as I was warned with work and studies, meaning I will have to spend more time on work, studies, I may not have a lot of time to socialise which I don’t really mind. However, I will keep up with blogging and Instagram-ing. I think this is also the year that I start to prioritise what I want in life and what’s more important in life. I am turning 26 this year. Life is short and I really want to spend quality time with my loved ones and close friends.

Ok. Enough of my new year resolution, I am going to talk about what I have packed for my trip to Malaysia this time round. Chinese New Year is just around the corner and my family celebrate Chinese New Year and it is a big thing in the family. It’s the year of goat this year.


I packed a lot for my trip back last year and it was a nightmare, I obviously packed too much and it’s just a waste of luggage space. This time round, I am going to travel light.

For skincare, I have packed mostly travel size product or samples that was given to me by some lovely friends/sales assistant. I did not pack my eye cream and moisturiser as that is already in my handbag. We all know that the air may be very dry in the cabin so that’s why I have put my eye cream and moisturiser in my bag so i have access to it at all times. I still don’t have the guts to put on a sheet of mask on a plane so I will have to layer heaps of moisturisers and eye cream to combat those dry air.

I did not bring the SKII facial treatment essence as my mum is using it so I will just use hers when I am at home. Win!!! I will buy quite a lot of skincare in Malaysia as mum’s SKII supply is running low, *such a good daughter*

My skincare routine in Malaysia will be:
1) removing my make up using SKII’s facial treatment cleansing oil which I will have to purchase when I am back, but for the mean time I will just use nature republic’s make up remover. I personally do not recommend make up remover wipes but I will only be using it during emergencies, so that’s alright.
2) clean my face using SKII facial treatment cleanser which I will also have to purchase a full size for mum.
3) gently exfoliate using SKII facial treatment clear lotion which I will also have to purchase a full size for mum.
4) SKII facial treatment essence will be next which I will be receiving a 330 mls from mum as she got it in HK for me, they don’t sell this in Australia. ❤️❤️❤️ thanks mum.
5) followed by SKII stempower essence which I will also have to purchase a full size for mum. I didn’t like it at first but when I wake up the next day. My skin is sooo supple, def a product worth investing in.
6) Lancôme’s genifique yeux for the eye, I brought along a sample given to me. It’s a serum for the eyes and it really enhance the effect of the eye cream i use.
7) SKII’s stempower eye cream, the latest and the best eye cream I have ever used. I brought along a 2.5Mls sample given to me and I am amazed by how long it actually lasted. Weeks. It is a product worth investing in.
8) SKII’s stempower cream. Mum’s using it and loves it and I will have to purchase a full size for her as it’s running low.

Make up:
Chanel’s CC cream is the best choice for the hot and humid weather in Malaysia. I brought along Giorgio Armani’s luminous silk foundation last year and it just ‘melts’. So, I am not bringing it this time. 💔
Sulwashoo’s cushion foundation for a lighter coverage at times.
Mac’s bronzer, I use it as a blush.
Guerlain’s meteorites, I use it as a finishing powder to add that luminosity.
Maybelline’s mascara, cheap and good.
Tom ford’s lip stick, how can this not go on a trip with me?
YSL’s lip stain, it is a must have.

Thanks for reading. I have to run and get my student card done now, have a great weekend. More updates on the blog with food and people I love, and hopefully some beautiful scenery. 💕💕💕



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