30 days of mask (day 8)

Hey lovelies,
How are we all doing? Can’t believe my 4 days off has come to an end and I am starting work tomorrow. 💔💔💔

I went to the library this morning, did some groceries shopping again, cooked here I am again, doing mask and blogging about it.

Had seaweed and egg soup with stir fry beef and celery.

I am not new to my scheming from Taiwan however, I used to like my beauty diary better and I think their quality is similar. What am I going to do? 🙀 well, get both is the best answer.

I am using their green tea and barley whitening mask to get rid of dullness. I am going to introduce a method taught by a famous Taiwanese beauty guru in this post. It’s called the ‘sandwich’ method. Basically, after washing your face, use toner and add a serum of your choice then apply a face mask. We normally only wash our face, use toner and apply a mask. The sandwich method can be used when your face is experiencing a lot more stress than your usual day, when you are having late night and when you want to see instant results. When you apply serum before you put your mask on, you are actually forcing your face to absorb the serum because you mask actually seals everything off. You can also apply a think layer of moisturiser on your mask to force your skin to absorbed the serum as well as the nutrients on your mask. On this post, I am only applying serum as the weather is not as dry and harsh.


SKII’s cellumination Aura serum, i gently massage my face with it then apply a mask.



Alright, back to the mask, barley has properties to sooth our skin. This particular mask contains a lot of plant extracts and vitamins to smoothen out skin. Green tea extract has anti aging properties, controls sebum production, improves hydration and nourish our skin.

The sheet mask is once again, very thin thus adhere to my skin really well. Secondly, I am blown away by the weight of this mask, 30 mls! A big wow!!! I am impressed. Thirdly, it smells good, not too overpowering.


Results: better than I thought. My face now is more radiant, hydrated.

Don’t forget to massage in the remaining serum and lock the moisture in with a good moisturiser, you will wake up in the morning looking great.

Thanks for reading.


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