30 days of mask (day 7)

Hey lovelies,
How are we all? I had to actually go back to my Chinese physician as my fiancé is getting pain in his right leg, had another session of accupuncture and he is better now, so I am taking care of him, doing most of the housework today.

Went to glen waverly to have lunch at a Taiwanese place and went to Priceline again to grab a few skincare products before the 40% off sale is over. Such a great deal.

Taiwanese sausage(大肠包小肠)

Priceline haul, simple is one of the very first products my aunt bought me when I was little. Bought a lot of Sukin products as well as they are very natural, I may have a huge change on my skincare. Let’s see.

Today, I did a very simple mask, i actually DIY-ed the mask.
1) thin cotton pads
2) toner/essence of your choice

I wanted to show you all the cotton pad that I have been using for the past months. This product was shipped from japan by a dear friend of mine, it is very thin, thus very cost effective when it comes to applying facial product on it. You don’t need as much products as thick cotton pad tends to absorb more of the product.


One huge cotton pad contains 5 small individual ones.


As for the essence, I chose Estée Lauder’s micro essence.


I cut the cotton pad into smaller size, soak it with my essence, and stick it on my face.


I left this on for 10 minutes and my face is brighter instantly! My skin feels so soft and smooth.

However, there are a few tricks I need to mention here.
1) make sure you choose a toner/essence which is alcohol free as that will dry out our skin.
2) ensure the cotton pad is saturated with the product(toner/essence) of your choice to prevent your skin from drying out.
3) ensure you massage/pat your face gently to ensure that products are being absorbed and at the same time determining if the cotton is still wet/dry.
4) do not leave it on for too long as we don’t want the cotton to absorbed moisture from our skin.
5) to prevent any waste, after you have removed all the cotton pad on your face, simply just squeeze the remaining and pat it on our face.

Thanks for reading,


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