30 days of mask (day 6)

Hi lovelies,
How are we all doing? I went to see my Chinese physician and had a good accupuncture session, my neck feels soooo much better now. I had significant neck and shoulder pain at the moment, reason: unknown, however everything is improving and I am seeing my Chinese physician monthly which is good, I used to see her fortnightly for treatment.

Anyway, today, I am going to talk about sheet mask again, I am using my beauty diary aloe mask at the moment which I blog, I think this is a good way to blog and review the product at the same time.

I remember myself using aloe vera to smooth my pimples when I was little. Aloe Vera is also famous for its smoothing properties. This particular mask is recommended for dry to normal skin as it smoothe and repair our skin at the same time. It comes in 23mls of serum in a tiny green packaging.

It contains cosphingo by sealing in water to improve hydration. It also contains essence of mulberry tree bark, bear berry leaf extracts to soothe our skin to make our skin clean and purified. Grapefruit extract and hydrolysed yeast protein work by repairing and restoring our skin. Once again, the cloth mask needs no introduction in terms of its design.



I do love the refreshing smell of the mask as I am using it.

Results: amazing! My skin is more moisturised. I think I have come to a point where I think my skincare does not work anymore, to fight the dullness and nasty sun spots, so I am putting my hope on mask, hopefully, it will work. In order for our skincare to be absorbed effectively, we need to ensure that our skin is properly moisturised, thus I am using a moisturising mask almost everyday to boost the hydration that I lack.

Another thing is you may not see a lot of nice pictures while I am doing this series as I now ally only take pictures of the packaging of the mask as I feel a bit uncomfortable showing my face. However, I sure will post some interesting masks. Stay tuned.

Thanks for reading, what mask are you using today?



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