30 days of mask (day 5)

Hello everyone, how are we all doing? Today is my first day off, I went for a walk in the nearby park, very happy with the decision as I hvnt been out for a while.

Came home, prepared a quick lunch for me and my fiancé, we had beef pie, mango and a dragon fruit.

Then I baked some banana chia seed cake while soaking the multigrain rice I am going to cook for dinner.


Next on, time to pamper my skin, exfoliated my skin with body shop’s exfoliator, washed my hair and applied some hair mask and now I have a sheet mask on my face while writing this post, multitasking that’s called, 🙂

I am going to talk about my beauty diary’s Red Wine Mask, it targets dull skin(which I have right now), restore, moisturise, brightens and tightens. It contained a moisturising ingredient called cosphingo which maintains healthy skin by sealing in water to improve hydration. The mask sheet itself is thin enough to adhere perfectly to ones skin. It also contains red wine polyphenol which provides antioxidant properties. In addition, it also contains collagen and polysaccharide from hydrolysed protein, red algae and aloe Vera extract.



Result: my skin is brighter, not as dull as before, and skin is Definetely more moisturise. Will I buy it again? Yes I will!

Thanks for reading.


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