30 days of mask (day2)

Hey everyone. I have made the decision to post my 30 days of mask on my blog instead of Instagram(won’t post as much) and will review them individually here.

I normally do a lot for my skin on my days off, from exfoliating to moisturising, nourishing, it has to be done. I do shift work so I think I really need that extra time to look after my skin.

For hair, I will start off with Lush’s root treatment on my roots, massage it in and leave it on for 30 mins and wash it off, results: instantly give my hair a bit of volume, my scalp feels nice and refreshed as it leaves a peppermint scent behind which I love.

Then I will exfoliate my skin with an exfoliator, then apply holikaholika’s soda cleansing bubble mask, in order to give my skin that instant boost, my skin feels nice and soft after that.

I will then hop into the shower and wash off lush’s roots treatment and holika holika’s bubble mask will eventually turned into a cleanser, so I will just wash that off and use essential’s hair mask for my hair, wait for 5 minutes. Then wash everything off.

I will hop off the shower then put my SKII facial treatment essence on and put on Laneige’s sleeping mask, I personally do not like the idea of sleeping mask thus I am not using it when I go to sleep, but I will apply a thick layer on my face and let my skin absorb the nutrients as I do other things at HOME. I am not going out with that mask on my face. Lol. After a few hours, my skin just feels so good, more hydrated, brighter.

That’s it for now, thanks for reading.



2 thoughts on “30 days of mask (day2)

    1. I have to agree with that, and it’s summer in Australia at the moment and it is still dry though, so I am trying to use a mask everyday as keeping our skin hydrated is the most important thing in order for our skincare to be absorbed more effectively.

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