My holy grail eye cream

Hey everyone,
How are we doing? Good I hope, day off again so I am going to blog about the long waited holy grail eye cream. I woke up before 7am today which is a miracle, did some studies and have decided to write a post on my holy grail eye cream, at least for now.

I have to admit that I started using eye cream a bit late and that obvious line under is left eye is driving me crazy. I started using eye cream 2013 November. I should have started earlier. 😰

My first ever eye cream is Vichy’s Aqualia Antiox. Some may not be familiar with Vichy but that’s alright, I didn’t know this brand when I first heard of it. Vichy was first introduced to me by my Korean colleague who is a skincare guru. Vichy is a French brand, under loreal since 1931. This particular product is not a cream, I think it’s better called a moisturising stick. It helps to reduce puffiness and fading dark circles. I like the cool sensation when applied. However, it has not provide me with the moisture I needed for my under eye area. Secondly, it caused some itchiness around my eyes when applied too much (3 layers). It will not apply it directly on my skin, Instead, I apply it after makeup to make the line under my eye less obvious. I purchased it for AUD 35.


I went through a stage where I was crazy about lancome, like I am crazy about SKII now. Lol. So, I went and bought some eye cream from lancome. Vissionnaire needs no introduction and this eye cream was new when I first purchased it. The Vissionnaire yeux does provide me with enough moisture but but not enough to get rid of the lines, comes with a plastic applicator, but from an infection control point of view, I don’t really like it. This product targets anti wrinkle, reducing dark circles, containing micro capsules to help create illuminating effect, reduce dark circles, even skintone around the eye area. Results: not that obvious on my eyes by it own. However, results are best seen when used with genifique yeux light pearl which I will introduce later in the post. Retailed for AUD 87, 15 mls.


Next on, I am going to introduce eye serum, I am a huge fan of serums as I think they work more effectively than moisturisers. I actually own genifique yeux light pearl for a long while but just hvnt started using it. Bad bad bad. I should have started using them earlier. This product is a serum made specifically for eyes. Results: AMAZING! It has a metal massage applicator to reduce puffiness under eye, once again, I am not using that method due to infection control. I love the light texture of this serum, it get absorbed almost instantly and in my own opinion, it helps my eye cream to be absorbed better. Retailed for AUD 90 for 20 mls.


Next on, my holy grail eye cream is *drum rolls* the SKII STEMPOWER EYECREAM. A little introduction: the stempower series is for anti aging, this stempower eye cream is a fairly new product as the skin signature eye cream is now discontinued. I got a sample to try first as I was about to give up on my eyes as nothing worked. 😢 Results: AMAZING!!!! That nasty line under my left eye is not as obvious on the FIRST application. I am so so so happy, finally found a product that actually worked. I will use the eye serum first before applying this eye cream to reach its optimum effect. Comes with a plastic applicator, once again, due to infection control, I am not using the plastic applicator, I am using a cotton bud instead. I am actually surprised by how this cream is so light yet powerful. It get absorbed easily. Retailed for AUD 149 for 15 mls.



Next on is another product to try. Loccitane’s immortelle precious eye balm, I actually have a whole range of Loccitane’s product to try so we shall wait and see. A few friends had recommended me to use this and sukin’s eye cream as they say I am a it crazy by spending so much on skin care, well personal preference that’s it.
Retailed for AUD 56 for 15 mls.

Please disregard that genifique cream.

Tips on preventing under eye lines:
1) start using an eye cream NOW, if you don’t have wrinkles, start using a lighter one just to moisturise.
2) invest in eye mask, I am on a 30 days of mask challenge, I want to see a change in my skin, follow me on Instagram to see what I am up to in terms of what sort of mask I am using if you are interested. A mini review will be posted on Instagram as well.
3) I strongly discourage using a cotton pad to rub the eye area when removing make up thus I strongly recommend using cleansing oil to remove make up.
4) apply eye cream on the under eye area by gently dabbing, not rubbing.
5) regular massage to lift the eye area.

My skincare routine (eyes only)
1) remove make up using only cleansing oil.
2) cleanse
3) SKII’s facial treatment essence, yes, that can be used on the eye area.
4) Lancôme’s eye serum
5) SKII stempower eyecream

Products I will repurchase for eye care:
1) Lancôme’s genifique yeux light pearl
2) SKII’s stempower eye cream.

Thanks for reading.
Stay pretty everyone.


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