30 days of mask.

Hey everyone,
How are we doing? It’s my off day again today so I am going to write a post about an eye mask review today. I was tagged by my Instagram friend inner_luxurious and gladly played this tag. Lilian has good skin for her age and she is very discipline in the sense that she does mask regularly, I asked her, do you do a mask everyday and there goes the 30 days of mask. Most of you know that I regularly do a skin analysis from SKII and the results has been pretty average for the past 2 months despite me doing my skincare properly and religiously. I am a bit disappointed in that sense and have decided to do more about it, thus applying mask is the most easy and economical way of doing it at this stage.

I am going to talk about eye mask today and I am featuring Dr. Morita’s eye mask, it contains vit K, collagen, HA, platinum particles and such. This mask is to brighten and lift the under eye area.


Before using the mask, I took me a while to think of posting my picture bare face, but, challenge accepted!


Notice that obvious line? I started noticing it last year when I was putting on make up but I have to say that it is getting less obvious with the hardwork and money I have invested on my eye cream. Ladies, get a good eye cream because that will go a long way. 💔💔💔.

This is how I look like when the mask is on. The cotton is really thin, this adhere to my skin perfectly.


After 10 minutes, this is it. The line is still obvious but I Definetely need to work hard on getting rid of it.


Tagging anyone who wants to play the tag.
P/S: Chinese New Year is around the corner, so, let’s present the best of ourselves!


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