Art and skincare/make up can be a good combination.

Hey lovelies,
How are we all doing. I have been wanting to blog during my days off the last few days but got sick on the last 2 days so I didn’t blog. Sorry.

It had been an exciting week for me as I received a parcel from my friend Lilian, please follow her on Instagram, her account is inner_luxurious. She has the latest beauty news, reviews and such. I will blog about the goodies I received from her some other day as I want to focus on 2 products today.

1) Chanel’s Jardin de chanel blush camelia rose. This is a limited edition blush, it is included in the spring 2015 collection. This beautiful blush is so so so suitable for spring. I will use it next spring as it is summer in Australia. I don’t mind using out of season products. Lol. I am still using meteorites from last spring, oh well, as long it does the job. When I first saw this blush, I am like, I am going to get you!!!!! And here it is, in my collection. Thanks Lilian for getting it for me in the US. The packaging is the regular chanel blush packaging, when I opened it, the scent of rose took my breath away. It smells so so so good, not too overwhelming, a very calming smell, alright, enough said, let’s have a look what is so special of this blush.

This is how it looks like but, you just have to have a closer look at it.


A closet look at both colours, the details really amazed me and I am like, just take my money and give me that blush when I first saw it. It is something worth buying and collecting.


Let’s have a look at the 2 colours seperately. I will show the darker colour first.


Let’s have a look at the lighter colour

This product is retailed at USD 65.

Second product I want to share is the LaMer’s cleansing oil, it is called the cleansing oil, Lamer needs no introduction as it is one of the most expensive skincare around. I do not mean the most expensive skincare is the best but it has its own reputation in the world of skincare. It’s like Hermes in the skincare world. ❤️❤️❤️ this cleansing oil contains marine oil while infusing skin with nutrients. It can be used to remove both face and eye make up. The main reason it looks sooo beautiful is because it contains natural pearl powders. Pearl powder has been used by Asians thousand years ago for skincare properties esp whitening. So, let’s have a closer look everyone.


This is how it looks like


Retailed at AUD 100 for 200mls.
Will it replace my holy grail shuuemura’s cleansing oil? We shall wait and see.

Thanks for reading lovelies.
Have a great weekend.


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