Do you really need SKII?

Hi everyone, I am having days off again, hooray! 2015 had not started well for me and I do hope things will get better as time passes.

I have been asked a lot of questions in regards to SKII.
1) Is SKII good?
2) Is SKII effective?
3) How long does it take to see the effect on your face?
4) How can you afford SKII?
Answers as follow
1) yes I do find SKII beneficial to my skin as it gives the nutrients my face needs for the day. It suits my skin so I will say it is good, but only for MY SKIN. I do have friends who breakout from using SKII. However, that did not happen to me.

2) yes it is effective, my friend asked me a million dollar question the other day: how did your face improve after using SKII. I actually had to think of the answer. Firstly, I have combination skin and I do have oily T zone most of the time and now, my T zone is not as oily and my cheeks are not as dry. Secondly, a huge improvement in my texture. My skin is more plump. Thirdly, my freckles are getting better. I had an impulsive thought yesterday to the point that I almost went for a laser treatment today. Even skintone is something I really need to work on.

3) It depends on individual, taking diet, lifestyle and personal habits into consideration. Our skin takes 28 days to form a cycle, you should be looking prettier everyday if you are doing the right thing minus hormones imbalances, nor forgetting to exfoliate, giving our skin extra nutrients by applying masks.

4) I have to admit SKII is not cheap. I only started using them early last year when I was more into skincare. My first serious skincare series are jurlique, Lancôme and now SKII. I have tried some other brands in between but didn’t like them all that much. You can buy them when you are travelling, get them duty free, wait for special occasions, eg, Boxing Day/Xmas packs. I didn’t use them when I was a student as I did not have that much money and only working 20 hours a week to pay my fees and my own living expenses.


The above picture is a SKII revival deluxe set released last year during Christmas, it consists of 215 mls of limited edition facial treatment essence, 15 g of stempower eye cream (SKII’s latest eye cream as their skin signature eye cream is discontinued, loving the stempower eye cream and review will be up soon), 80G of stempower cream. Retailed at $6XX and I got it for $297 on Boxing Day! Hooray, thanks to km who helped me buy it on Boxing Day as I was working on that day.


The above picture is my current SKII skincare regime. I bought my mum a set of SKII when I went home last year And she loves it. I will always buy a set for my mum when I get something for myself as I think she deserves it. Raising up 3 naughty kids is not an easy task, poor mum and dad. My mum had seen a huge improvement in her skin since she started using SKII and alright, I will supply her with more of those. I suggested La Mer but she like SKII better, oh well, saves me more money too. Lol. From cleanser, clear lotion, essence, serum, eye cream to moisturiser, masks. The one thing I want to mention is please clean your face properly and make sure you massage in the products.


Last but not least, that one product you must try from SKII is the facial treatment essence. It’s called the ‘miracle water’ as it is rich in Pitera. You can get a 75mls one to try for $99, I tried that and I kept going back to them to get this product. It is a all rounder, anti aging, whitening, brightening, moisturising.

Stay beautiful, next post will be the best eye cream I have discovered so far. Stay tuned!



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