November empties and their substitutes.

Hello lovelies,
I hope everyone is doing well, it’s my day off again as I always blog on my days off. It’s a beautiful sunny day 28degrees in Melbourne. Initially had facial booked with my lovely neighbour but had to postponed it as my fiancé kept telling me how awesome will the watch meet up be in the afternoon. 🎃 It’s a hard decision to make as I love both watches and skincare. Ow….

Anyway, let’s start. I don’t normally rotate my skincare due to their shelf live. I try to use up before it’s ‘use by’ date.


From left to right:
SKII Facial Treatment Essence, I used to be anti SKII as I think that they do well in marketing, however, when I started using this product, I fall in love with it. My skin is actually better and softer.
Lancôme’s advanced Genifique, great product as well, it was introduced as a booster in a famous Taiwanese beauty show 女人我最大, basically what it does is it helps your serum to get absorbed better. It also helps restore youthfulness. If you do not want to buy serum just for whitening/hydrating/boost radiance, this is the product for you.
Lancôme’s Vissionnaire, this product is best used after Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique. It helps with pores and wrinkles, not that I have wrinkles, but I am preventing wrinkles at my age, oh dear, turning 25 is not easy. I absolutely love this product as it is also a all rounder.
Kiehl’s clearly corrective dark spot solution, this is my second bottle and I still hvnt seen any improvement on my pigmentation.
SK II whitening spot specialist: I started using this in April this year I think and it was autumn/winter in Australia and as a result, my skin was dehydrated from it. I went to my local SK II counter and was adviced to layer another hydrating serum on top of it and I have been doing it ever since, results: yes, freckles appeared ‘lighter’ and not as obvious. So tempted to just go for a laser, but I was told it will come reappear….. So I am still thinking.
Bio oil: a very good body oil, helps me through those dry winter months.
Jurlique’s rosewater mist: this product needs no introduction. It just feels so refreshing whenever you spray it on your face. It is not sticky and it does not irritates my skin, of course I will continue using it. In fact, I have a 200 mls deluxe edition waiting for its turn in my skincare shelf. Hooray!

Next half, I am going to talk about substitutes for these products.

There are no substitutes for SKII FTE, Lancôme’s Advanced Genifique and Jurlique’s handcream. I hvnt found any products that can replace them till today so I will keep searching.


I am replacing Lancôme’s Vissionnaire, SK II’s whitening spot specialist with SK II’s stem power essence and SK II’s cellumination Aura, it’s not like I don’t like Vissionnaire, I actually have another new bottle in my cupboard, I just want to finish up my SK II. Lol, the main reason I am replacing SK II’s whitening Spot Specialist with SKII’s cellumination Aura is because I want to boost my radiance and I do have another bottle of SK II whitening spot specialist sitting in the cupboard.

Thanks for reading and have a great Sunday!

XOXO. Stay Beautiful!


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