My current skincare routine

Hi everyone,
Hope everyone has had a great day. It’s summer in Australia, weather in Melbourne is still as crazy. There is a slight change in my skincare routine and I want to share that with you all.

I started by removing my make up if I do put on some for work, I normally use cleansing oil or micellar water to remove my make up. I have been using Shu Uemura’s cleansing oil for quite a while now and I am still loving it. Just make sure you that the cleansing oil does not get to your eyes. Micellar water is easy to use as you just soak a cotton pad and remove everything with it. Both products are not drying to my skin.

I always double cleanse my face and I will use a cleanser to wash my face after removing make up. I am normally not fuss with cleanser as long as they are not drying. I am using body shop’s at the moment esp after I remove my make up and as for Elizabeth Arden’s cream cleanser in the morning as I don’t feel that my face is clean enough after using it at night. It is super hydrating.

Toner. I am using Jurlique’s hydrating rosewater. This is something that I always repurchase from them. I can’t remember how much bottles have I used. In fact, I have used all of the mists from jurlique.


Next on, Albion’s skin conditioner, this is new to my routine. This product softens, remove dead skin and helps brighten the skin. I got my friend to ship from Japan. Other brands that actually have softeners available are SKII (clear lotion), sheseido has also skin softener that I can’t name as I am not too familiar with their range.


Next on, essence. Essence is a product between serum and toner. SKII Facial Treatment Essence needs to introduction, I love this product and it has improved my skin a lot. I use it twice times a day, my mum is using it as well. Estée Lauder’s micro essence is one of their latest product. It used to be Asia exclusive but it became available in Australia not long ago. I personally think the consistency is thicker and I use it at night as it is a bit too heavy if used in the morning under make up.


Booster, it helps enchance serum absorption. This is my holy grail product, I have been using this for so long, it helps with overall skin conditioner. It is easily absorbed and it smells so good.


Serum is something I started using when I was 22, it boosts skin condition, please use a specific serum for particular concerns. Lancôme’s Vissionnaire needs no introduction as well for I was so impressed by it. It is an overall serum, helps even skintone, minimises pores and hydrates the skin. It is also lightweight so your pores can actually breath. SKII whitening spot specialist is a great product to help with invisible spots. I normally use one pump for the whole face. I find it dry on my skin so I always layer another hydrating serum on top of it and that is drum rolls!!!!!! The SK II stem power essence. This is quite heavy for me, best used at night. I normally massage it in on top of whitening spot specialist.


Last but bit least, moisturisers. Applying moisturiser is important in ‘locking’ in the moisture. I am using Biotherm’s whitening moisturiser as it was included in a gift pack and I like the scent, so there we go, but, I will always reach out for stem power when my skin feels dehydrated. This is a powerful cream as my mum’s condition got better after using it.


Products to try:
Cleansers: SK II, La Mer.
Skin conditioner: SK II clear lotion (it is sitting in my cupboard waiting for its turn)
Skin essence: SK II, that is irreplaceable.
Booster: Lancôme Advanced Genifique, irreplaceable. May try Shesheido’s ultimune.
Serum: SK II cellumination aura is sitting in my cupboard waiting for its turn, La Mer’s radiant serum when I turn 27 YO.
Moisturiser: La Mer’s moisturising soft cream or sheseido.

I am interested to explore La Mer and Sheseido’s skin care. That will be my next project.

Thanks for reading.


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