Things I do on my days off

I guess one of the best thing of being a nurse is you get days off on weekdays sometimes and you work odd hours, which gives you time to do things you want, however, it can get annoying at times as you can’t go out with your friends as you need to work the weekend and such.

I used to work minimal of 6 days and working 7 days a week is nothing to me at all, but I chose to call it a stop as my health was compromised a bit and I was mentally and physically stressed, not a healthy lifestyle.

I normally start my day with a good breakfast on my days off as I have plenty of time to do whatever I want basically. I had red bean soup then later found out I was still hungry, thus I had a second serve of breakfast and I had avocado cheese and beetroot sandwich. Yum yum while watching some funny show.

I normally do my laundry on my days off but I didn’t do it today as it is going to rain later. 😦

Then I started vacuuming the house, my room and the bathroom, clean the shower cubicle.

The pampering session/me-time officially starts after doing all that household chores. I started by using lush’s roots treatment, I simply just apply it on my hair massage it in, leave it for 20-30 minutes while I do other things. I love the fresh scent of the mask. I have been using it for a few months now and I am loving it.



I then exfoliate my skin with dior’s instant gentle exfoliant, I have to admit I was a bit lazy in the past when it comes to exfoliating and these days, I am doing it at least 2 times a week.


I then hop in the shower, exfoliated my body with body shop’s body scrub. The main reason I am loving this product is my skin does not feel dry after exfoliating, instead, I feel that my skin is so much softer.



Last but not least in the shower, I will use the skin conditioner as I noticed that my skin is getting dry and flaky again. Oh no!!!


I use sukin’s facial moisturiser as my body lotion as I find most body lotion I have are heavily scented, I may get sukin’s body lotion in the future.


Last but not least,mask! After exfoliating your skin, nutrients are absorbed much easier so I want to take this opportunity put a mask sheet on and relax. I don’t normally use a mask at night as I will fall asleep lying there. Leaders is one of Korea’s best mask out in the market. This particular mask contained 25mls of essence. I use this wrinkle filler when I feel that my skin is dehydrated. The mask fits the face beautifully and the cotton is just so soft. I am definitely getting more of these. It is a bit pricey for me as I normally use my beauty diary which are much cheaper.



Hand mask is next, I wash my hands countless times and using Alcohol based hand rub at work dries my hand out. My skin gets flaky at the end of the shift. That’s why I have Jurlique’s handcream in my bag at all time. I have been a huge jurlique fan for a while and I have tried countless handcream from different brands and I still think jurlique’s suits me best. I normally buy a few sets of handcream during Christmas as I personally think that the Christmas pack is a great deal. So, when I am not working, I will use a handmask.



Thanks for reading, have a good day beauties.


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