OOTD and my new obsession

Hi everyone,

How are we all doing. I have been pretty lazy these days to blog, please forgive me because I actually ran outta ideas and posts to write. So, today, we are going to talk a little about make up and OOTD. My current new obsession is watches now. I still love my skincare and with make up, I am keeping it to a minimal as I have purchased too much in Sydney. I am on a make up ban as we speak as I want to finish using all my products before I buy again. Let’s see how long can those products last.


So. I am wearing:
Dress by FCUK $150, you can never go wrong with a black dress. This dress is beautifully made. I just love the material and the cutting of this piece.

Belt: Review, got it for free as it comes with another dress I bought dr Review. Review really makes good quality dresses.

Shoes: Nine West, $100. Truth be told, I have received a lot of compliments from strangers when I was walking on the streets with this pair of shoe. It is comfortable even though it’s a flat. And I love the blings on it as well.

Black hair pins from daiso, 50 for &2.80.
Bag: Chanel jumbo classic flap. Price: not gonna reveal as my mum will kill me.
Watch: vintage rolex datejust calibre 1570. Model number 1601. Price: gotta keep it a secret as well.


FAce of the day
Primer: nature’s republic, my Korean colleague gave it to me.

Foundation: Giorgio Armani’s Liminous Silk Foundation, this is still my holy grail. I cannot stop myself from praising this lovely foundation. There are a lot of new released foundations in the market but as I am on a beauty ban, I didn’t purchase any at all. $92.

Blush: MAC, the colour is peach. This is a very beautiful colour as it adds colour to my face so I don’t look anaemic. A friend of mine gave it to me, so it’s free.

Finishing powder: I use Guerlain’s meteorites in Clair. This is another holy grail product for me. I used to use powder foundation to set my face but it looks a bit thick so I stopped using it. Meteorites is very light and it has different little colourful balls that reflect light and give your face that perfect look. It is supposed to be an illuminating powder but I used it as a finishing powder. Love it to bits. $78

That’s my face! 🙂

Enjoy reading and have a great weekend guys. Tomorrow is my Monday. Hmmm…


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