Monthly skin analysis

Hello everyone, I try to do a skin analysis every month to see how my skin is with the products I am currently using. A bit of introduction: skin analysis is complementary in SK II counters. I have been using SK II for quite a while now as many people knows, but I am thinking of rotating skincare products which I don’t know how effective that will be and there are a few non SK II products that I really love.

Long story short, here’s my results.


Not the best but there was some improvement on other areas but texture has gotten worse due to dehydration. I had a think about it and has come to a conclusion that it may be due to the following reasons: 1)dehydration in general. Not drinking enough water. I am now ensuring I drink 2 L of water everyday. 2) not using serum based mask. There is a difference in everyday mask and those you don’t use it on a daily basis. I noticed that the daily mask has more ‘toner’ like substance where as the others tend to be more serum, meaning you get a better result with those.

Things I am going to add to my routine at least for this one month:
1) not being slack of using mask.
2) I may add more serum into my routine.
3) I may add facial oil I to my routine.
4) products I may get next is the SK II Facial Treatment Repair C which is recommended by the SA.


Happy reading.


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