My little getaway

I went away for 4 days last Saturday and the following are in my little travel pouch.


I tried some new products and brought along some good old ones. Good old ones being
1) guerlain’s meteorites: this is a 2014 spring edition. I use this as a finishing powder/highlighter and u can’t seem to finish it. I love this product and will continue to buy (for collection). What I notice is after a long day, my T-zone will turn into a dewy look instead of an oily one with meteorites. $79

2) Sulwashoo’s cushion foundation: I think most people are familiar with cushion foundation now and the main reason I brought this along is because it has SPF 50+++, buildable coverage, long lasting (stays on my face for 12 hours without looking oily), quick and easy to apply, natural look. I am crazy about cushion foundation! $72

3) Lancôme’s visionnaire yeux: this is my holy grail eye cream. I can see improvements since I first started using them. Fine lines are minimised. Does not caused increased sebum secretion around my eyes, my make up around my eyes does not cake/melt. However, I forgot to turn it ‘off’ thus it leaked everywhere in my bag, omg… $78

4) Elizabeth Arden’s ceramide capsule: this is one of their best selling product. I bought one for my mum and they gave me some sample pack(thank you very much lovely sales assistant). This is my first time using it. One capsule is for the whole face and neck, I use it daily while I was in Perth at night so I don’t have to bring along my 100 serums and moisturisers. It is oily to start off with but it gets absorbed quickly. Result: amazing! $125 if I am not mistaken.

5) Leader’s mask: I love mask as it provides so much nutrients and it helps to boost confidence by looking good. I plan to do it while I was on the plane but I didn’t cuz I will look like a weirdo. I put one on on the way to the airport to ensure my skin is well hydrated before flying. (As we know that the air is soooooooooo dry on a plane)

6) kiehl’s amino acid shampoo and conditioner: most people know that I a die hard Sukin fan cuz they make good organic products with a reasonable price. However, I didn’t have little container to put them in and I found these two little treasures in the cupboard under my sink. Well, I was reluctant to try it as it contained sulphate at first, but u am loving the results. Shampoo itself is good enough to be used by its own but because I have dry hair, I brought along the conditioner (I don’t use conditioner at all and I think I will have to change that habit). After using the conditioner, my hair is more ‘tamed’ but the strong wind does not help at all, my hair is all over the place at the end of the day so some of my pics looks as if I M having a bad hair day, but nonetheless, I am travelling, not going for fashion week hey, lol. FOC as these are given to me by a nice sales assistant without me asking.

7) kao’s eye mask: I brought this along as I am a very light sleeper. It helps to relax my eyes and promote good sleep. I normally use this at home when I can’t sleep. It produces steam and warms up your eye area so you can relax and the nice smell of it help you sleep. I brought along a rose scented ones.

Happy reading.



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